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Whitelist ZE#2


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Updated: 06.03.2019



Dear gamers,

We've decided to enable micchat on Unlim Ammo server. With this we hope to boost the teamplay, the fun and the social part on the server.

But, because we all don't like micspammers, we've decided (a long time ago) use a whitelist. Everyone is muted by default, except for when you're whitelisted. Please note that this is a test, if we think the test failed, we may disable micchat at any time!

Please use this format for requests to be whitelisted:

Whitelist request
In-game Name:
Steam ID:

In order to request someone to be removed from the whitelist, please do the following:

First try to reach an admin via Steam Friends or in-game by typing /irc message in chat. In order to request someone to be removed in this topic, you have to present a demo of the 'incident'.
1. Go to console and type record name and press enter.
2. Type status to see his Steam ID
3. Type thetime in chat to log the time into the demo.
4. After enough prove, type stop in console
5. Start a new post in this topic with the following format:

Removal request
In-game Name:
Steam ID:
Time of incident:


And upload the demo with the post. You can usually find the demo in: C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo

A few general rules and conditions regarding voicechat:

- Adequacy.

- Your microphone should be well adjusted (type into the console to check => voice_loopback 1 <=you hear themselves or voice_loopback 0 <=turn off the ability to hear themselves)

- The ability to respect others and to be tolerant to other players / Be friendly and politely

- Do not use foul language (insults players in obscene form is prohibited).

- Don't screaming and don't give advise which map chose

- English only!

- If players ask you to stop, then do that

- Don't play music

- No annoying voices/sounds (an admin may judge this). This includes voicechangers!

- The admin team may remove your voicechat rights at any time.

- This list of rules is not exhaustive, an admin may enforce a rule that is not present here.

By applying to be whitelisted, you agree with these rules. If we find you breaking these rules, you may be muted, lose your right to use voicechat, kicked or even banned.

This thread is not for discussion. Everything other than requests to be whitelisted or to remove will be deleted and/or infracted!

To find your steam id type in the console command: status

We wish to you all guys an enjoyable game and fun.

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Рейтинг: 1513

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In-game name: Bad

Steam id: STEAM_1:0:50092834

Отредактировал: Bad, 6 марта 2019 г, 14:19
Спасибо сказали: masЯna


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...рак....но не по знаку зодиака......впрочем и это не точно..... ....рос нормальным человеком, но в возрасте 9 лет травмировал свою хрупкую черепную коробку железными качелями....IQ 432 см....тупые вопросы могут вызвать агрессивную тварь...



Рейтинг: 1513

Сообщений: 233

Спасибок: 256

Спасибо сказали: masЯna
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