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Allowing some stuff and rtv /server issues


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Allowing some stuff

is that possible that you allow Admins to change the map once we win it please , because when we beat a map no one want to rtv that's kinda annying to play the same map 50 times in a row . like once we are done , we beat all level of a map no one want to rtv here we go admin allowed to activate vote for the next map .

server issues

Can we get a 64 tick server that would be awesome because the server is kinda laggy most of the time . 

rtv issues

there is really a thing to do with the rtv stuff on this server , alot of people don't know what it is , don't understand english it is soooo rare that everyone rtv like it happen rarely on the server and like i said its really annoying . when we play hard maps with no leader we die over and over and over .... still no one want to rtv like we get 8 rtv and still 20 rtv needed , everyone are spamming their mic , the tchat no one listen or understand it i've played on all ze servers once they finish a map the rtvs are flying on this one we gotta tryhard to make people just type 3 letters in the chat ... .

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