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"Admin" imemplayz


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"I" wanna know why all of this happend . im glad to say it all happend because of you . let me show you why

here you are insulting another player ( its not the first time that round) so after i gaged , you or noah , abused your Donator powers and gave yourself a leader so you can still use the chat EVEN after being gaged. like this :

there you are still using chat as a leader after being gaged , what a nice abuse for donator powers

and there you can see you friend noah complaining why u are gaged and offending every gag or mute i give to people even theres a good reason of you insulting a person clearly in the 1st screen shot. 

did u see me insult him there ? did you ? i only said get off my dick (which means leave me alone) just because he been commenting and following my ass everytime i login to the server, lets talk about all the times he insulted without me replying to him.

i think both of u are trollers and spammer thats what u are , both should be banned.

im not replying to this post anymore, just a waste of time on trollers



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ok so if i tell you shut the fuck up u dont gag me 



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I писал:

ok, takže pokud ti řeknu, zavři kurva, abys mě neposlal 

Imagine u can write this get off my dick , u are annoying as fuck and i cant write u stupid fat idiot :DD




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So you all of course have a demo?

Andrew Andrew


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Admin why do not you ban cheaters? there are already two of them, how much they paid you, come on, we will take off and you will ban them

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