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Mizapro #2 | Map Event | 27.09


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Hi all,

We want to do Map Events again because it is wished by many People and yes, this Weekend on Sunday 27.09 starting at 14:00 UCT (Germany 16:00 & Russia (Moscow) 17:00 ) starting with ze_santassination_v3 we do an 4- 5 hour Map Event! Ofc we do not play Santa more than 2h, we also want to play other hard or funny maps like ShroomForest or ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo7

Pls give us a vote what map we should else play if ShroomForest or ze_bioshock_v6_2_csgo7 is not wished.

Отредактировал: Elban, 22 сентября 2020 г, 21:14
Спасибо сказали: Tolgetmen, bibaboba, Wolfdiman, masЯna, Dobermann


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atix panic

Спасибо сказали: bibaboba, Wolfdiman


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vote for atix or bathroom



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maybe rush b we never completed before



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halo_poe,totemo roka,santa

...рак....но не по знаку зодиака......впрочем и это не точно..... ....рос нормальным человеком, но в возрасте 9 лет травмировал свою хрупкую черепную коробку железными качелями....IQ 432 см....тупые вопросы могут вызвать агрессивную тварь...



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Heres an idea, castlevenia marathon

Castlevenia p1 and Castlevenia 64

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Thx for all the responses.

I think I t would be the best if we decide 1 hour before event beginning, which maps we should play.

Santa will be definitely played first round.

After that we play 1-2 maps of the map you voted for!



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Even tho the Event wasn't that great at all because on santa we had bugs, people trolling (Killing Z instead of boss fight) and many afk's who prevented people from joining the Server who wanted to play)

We still had some fun :)

What other and I learned about it:
-We search more than 1 leader (main leader wasn't online D:)
-Voting maps with multiple stages and also not too hard (santa on extreme was way to hard for miza)
-Having an admin (I do that next Time) who is in spec team and kick people that are afk or trolling
-Maybe staying on 1 big map and let the event just be 1-2h (Biba and Mr.Robot had the same issue on last event also)
-Not beeing an Introvert like me and speak next time on event-start instead of writing (was a failure)


Thx for playing on my first MizaPro Event and next time we do it better :)

Спасибо сказали: Wolfdiman, bibaboba
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