Map Event - ze_crazykart_v4 - MizaPro #2


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Hi Everyone,

Today (04/25/2021 - Sunday) at 7:00 PM UTC (21:00 Weu (Germany France), 22:00 Moskow)

We start a little Map Event

=> ze_crazykart_v4 <=


We play this map for only once and it will not be included in the nomination list since this isn't a Zombie Escape map at all. We try to play all which should take around 1Hour So come and play with us and have fun

Отредактировал: Elban, 25 апреля 2021 г, 06:02
Спасибо сказали: Tolgetmen


Рейтинг: 58

Сообщений: 13

Спасибок: 9

Star Hunter Gameplay


Event was great thx for playing!

Отредактировал: Elban, 26 апреля 2021 г, 01:37
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