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Hi there!

In this thread you can see those privileges which gives the status VIP, Admin.

Turn on VIP or Admin on a permanent basis impossible. Please don't ask about it.

!!! Just want to warn !!! 

1) When a player receives the status V. I. P. / Admin the money will not be returned, because it is regarded as a donation and as a gratitude we give VIP status for donator. This is are not buy - sell deal / business.


Please remember: you don't pay, you donate. It's not same. 

2) In case of technical problems (after CSGO update, etc) the player model can be temporarily disabled or replaced.

3) Some player models are after csgo updates have wrong animations when holding a weapon in his hands, but this does not affect their performance.

- Having a VIP you will have access to models of VIPs

- Having an individual model of player you get access to exclusive privileges of VIP at the same time

- Having admin (admin on a paid basis) status, you get access to the privileges of VIP at the same time + the skin of admin which has all rights for admins.

Admin on a paid basis do not have to comply with the rule: play at least 14 hours a week on the server or 28 hours in 2 weeks.

VIP - 3 euro per month ( Please consider a Commission )

Admin - 5 euro per month ( Please consider a Commission )

Individual player model (only for humans) - 15 euro per month ( Please consider a Commission )
(Other players will not be able to have the same model that you have). The model is tied to your Steam ID. Not every model can be allowed to be installed on the server, there are some requirements for the model and I'll decide whether to put your chosen model.

For donations you need to use PayPal, WebMoney, Qiwi ( Please consider a Commission )
For donations you need to use PayPal, WebMoney, Qiwi ( Please consider a Commission )
For donations you need to use PayPal, WebMoney, Qiwi ( Please consider a Commission )




Donations in the form of "steam items" will not be accepted.

=============For VIPs ( 3 euro ) =============:

What will you have:

  11 skins for VIP (10 for humans and 1 for zombie) 
- health 300 hp (for humans)
- speed for zombie 330 units (instead 310 for all zombies)
- speed for human 305 instead 300 for other players (humans)
- jump (height) 1.2 instead 1.1 for other players
- the time of burning napalm 2 seconds (3 seconds for others zombies)

- !leader menu 
- colored tag
- colored chat
- colored name
- VIP chat tag: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=791403918



Reserve slot (if the server is filled with players you can join by typing in the console: connect



HP 10000 and 20000 as mother zombie







Samus Aran:


Heavy Blue:

Heavy Red:



Doom slayer:







Hitman / Agent 47:


Jill from RE:


Combine (for Admins):



Admin rights:

- ban / unban

- mute / unmute

- ban / unban for map items

- slay     

So if you think be an admin it's will be funny, you wrong. You can't abuse. All what you did will stay in logs.

Please remember: you don't pay, you donate. It's not same. 

To find your Steam id type the command status at the console of any server.

To select the model of the player type command !zclass in the chat.

On all questions write:







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