New Server Skin - Human + Zombie


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Let me suggest to change the default skins for mizapro zombie escape server.


The current human skin (masterchief) does not fit with zombie escape.

We are not playing halo here... its zombie escape.

A more military/swat like skin for humans would be welcome.

I have one model to suggest; see the screenshot below.





Also the zomie-skin is outdated. It does not look like a zombie, its just looking bad.

Pretty much like a human that got his skin ripped all off but for sure doesnt look like a zombie.

A better looking zombie skin would be, for example.. this;



So much for that, i have one more thing to bring up here...

Recently i played ALOT on mizapro and i noticed a few disturbing things.


Let me explain, we are playing a map with multiple stages for example shroom forest. The map has 5 stages and we have just beaten the third (3) one. The time for this map is over, the vote is starting.

Instead of extending the map people are pressing randomly on the vote.

A normal person would extend the map in order to finish it.

Whats the point of playing a map if you do not finish it?

It seems to me either majority of miza players are either kids or a little brain dead.

Same goes for ---> RTV <---

When mizapro finished a map they just keep playing it over and over untill time is out.

Whats the point of keep playing a map that you just finished?

Litterally finished 100% done completly every stage there is nothing more to see, why keep playing and waste time? Why not type rtv?

Here we go again, because majority are either kids or a little brain dead.


I SUGGEST STRONGLY - give admin permission to forcertv and forceextend.

As sad as it is, the average player is not in the mental state to vote extend or type rtv, is it asked too much of them, that is why admin should be able to do it for them.

Or another solution would be, only 35% of players must type RTV to change map.

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Рейтинг: 32

Сообщений: 7

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Almost forgot, if admin gives a player leader, we are unable to access the leader menu by typing !leader, you should change this in the server config, player who are leader should be able to use the leader menu...

Спасибо сказали: Tolgetmen, zath
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