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No (never):

1) ze_ff maps, ze_paranoid_rezurrection, ze_mountain_escape (this maps will slowly kill online)

2) !shop, !store, trails, aura etc, player skins (long download)

3) zombie class like: speed zombie, fat zombie, jump zombie etc (imbalance)

3) limited ammo

4) maps that has weight more then 149 mb (allow only ze_skyrim)

5) Remove our nominate system with players limit for each of maps.

6) Remove random voting (when first nominated map not all time hold 4 button in the vote)

7) zm_ maps for this server

Yes (maybe yes / maybe not):

1) Infection in crowd (not for the foreseeable future I guess)

2) Free Admins (not for the foreseeable future) only if we will have alot of V.I.P. donations

3) Gloves plugin (yes if we will know how to fix bugs)

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